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Mathematical Modelling

Digital twins play an important role on any engineering company, from the design to asset monitoring, but to create these twins is needed experienced people with strong mathematics and physics background. At Tesmo, we are proud to have the right team to model your products, and deliver it as algorithms, reports, or a standalone software. 

Finite Element and CFD Analysis

Let our specialists help you do set up a digital experiment. With more than 20 years of experience on simulation of energy assets, we have the right methodology for electromagnetics,  heat transfer and fluid dynamics simulations.

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R&D Project Management

R&D projects always bring risks, but they are the key for a success in an innovative company. Our professionals with long experience with R&D project planning, execution and management on large international companies can support your team to achieve project goals, by stablishing well grounded risks and benefits, as the right planning and management for project success.

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Specialized Software Development

Find the right team to develop software that brings value to your company is not easy. Build a team to develop engineering software increases this difficulty in some orders of magnitude. As a engineering focused company, we have the right professionals to design and implement specialized software. We can provide to your business from small algorithms to solve efficiently a system of equations up to a full platform to manage the design and lifecycle of your products.

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