Design, Verification & Optimization Solutions

Meet Kosmos, our platform for design and management of electrical machines

Kosmos (from the Greek κόσμος, or “order”) is the flagship product of Tesmo: a platform for design verification and optimization with focus on electrical machines and energy systems. It is continuously developed to deliver most advanced techniques to calculate, verify and optimize design of different electrical systems, i.e. power transformers, surge arresters, bushings, etc.

The platform includes add-on modules with specialized functionalities for different electrical machines, electromagnetics and thermal simulation. General purpose and interfacing modules are also available to give more flexibility and capabilities.

Key features

Cloud environment

You only need a web browser and internet connectivity. No need to invest on powerful computers to use our powerful code

No license fees

It is not needed a high investment to start. Our subscription model allows you to control when and for how long you consume our services.


Do you have a well stablished processes and tools in your company? You can use our API to integrate our calculation technology into your existing processes.

Modules with specilazed functionalities

All modules works integrated into Kosmos.

Product Modules

Advanced Modules

Interfacing Modules

General Purpose Modules

Have your own development? No problem, we provide the API.

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If you have your own internal software development and well stablished processes, introducing a new platform can be painful, expensive and time consuming, and can result in no return on investment or long time to achieve the break-even point.

Thinking on give the users flexibility, we provide our technology as API, to be consumed by your own tools or third-party software.


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