Free Shipping to Most Countries


1. I received the wrong item in my order. What should I do?

Please send an email with your order number and a photo of the incorrect item we sent you to We will immediately send you the correct item with a prepaid return label so that you can return the incorrect item.

2. How long will it take for Customer service to respond?

You can expect a response within 1-3 business days. Our customer service team works Monday-Friday.

3. I would like to edit my order. How do I do that, 

Unfortunately, we can't edit an order once it has been placed. However, we can try to cancel your order before it ships so you can place another order with all the items you want. Please email your order number to to cancel your order.

4. My tracking information says my package was delivered but I have not received my package. What do I do now?

On some occasions, the courier service may deliver your package late- please wait one business day to see if this is the case. If you have waited a sufficient amount of time, please email for further instructions. Please note that once the package is in the care of the courier, delivery is their responsibility. We cannot guarantee any courier as their schedule, work ethic, employees and delivery are completely out of our control.

5. What about INternational taxes and duties?

Taxes and duties incurred by each country on imported items are the customer's responsibility. Custom fees are based on the total value of the products entering your country. Unfortunately we have no control over this. Check out more on the Shipping Policy page.